July 8, 2021

6 Indian Style Wedding Venue Decor Tips

With the numerous rituals that take place days before and after the actual wedding ceremony, Indian weddings are grand occasions. The days leading up to the wedding are spent obsessively arranging the big day, from what to wear on each occasion to the ideal venue, menu, and accessories, as well as the photographer and makeup artist. 

The wedding venue’s decoration is one such crucial task. It serves as the backdrop for the bride and groom’s most important occasion. It also makes the right first impression when choosing the wedding venue. So while the right set of decorations is in place for the important day, a lot of care and consideration goes into it. Everything from the drapes to the flowers to the stage to the lighting must be right for the day to be great. So, here’s a checklist as well as some important tips to make your wedding venue glow for the big day! 

Follow a Colour Palette 

In the event of a wedding, it is becoming increasingly vital to establish a central colour scheme. Each colour has a unique meaning, and all of the decorations are based on that hue or colours. To complement the chosen colours, several accent colours can be integrated into the designs. This offers the event a well-organized and stylish appearance that is increasingly popular in today’s market. 

Banquet Hall Designing

When it comes to Hindu Indian weddings, the most popular colour combination is red and gold. It provides a rare blend of tradition and extravagance, with red serving as the traditional bride’s wedding colour. Pink, Lavender, Royal Blue, and Green are some of the other popular colours. Green and Brown (for those planning an outdoor wedding), Orange and Fuchsia (for those who want an over-the-top colourful wedding), and Purple and White are some exquisite and unusual colour combinations (for those who give elegance and chicness more importance than opulence). Apart from these colour combinations, individuals also choose seasonal hues such as green during the monsoon, orange during the summer, and pink during the spring.

Get Draping

Drapes and canopies offer the wedding site a spruced-up, ready-for-a-wedding appearance. If you have a colour scheme in mind, make the curtains match it. When it comes to draperies, yellow and red are very common colours. It provides the gathering with the typical joyous, yet auspicious, backdrop. Drapes provide charm to the venue, which are interspersed with glittering lights and colourful flowers. A touch of color-coordinated fabric blended with flowers and lights, from the walls to the stair bannister, instantly raises the guests’ mood. For a sumptuous royal ambiance, regal-looking canopies in fluffy white georgette or even dark wine coloured velvet might be used for outdoor weddings.

Designer Wedding Stage

To add a touch of funk, use a variety of floral designs and even polka dotted textiles. A dab of zari borders or a dash of sequin and mirror work will give your wedding décor that extra oomph we all crave.

Rain with Flowers

On a wedding day, flowers are undoubtedly the most essential décor element. When you think of a wedding, you probably envision flowers blooming in every area of the venue. Flowers, whether it’s just plain old favourite marigold strings or exotic imports like orchids and lilies, never fail to cheer people up on their special day. 

In central places such as the stage, roses and white flowers such as jasmine or tuberose are commonly used as accents. There is also a tradition of having a great gate made of flowers and foliage at the venue’s entry, with a sign containing both the bride and groom’s names, likewise made of flowers. 

Wedding Chandelier

Floral Chandeliers are frequently created to enchant the entire room. The flowers used in the decorations are mostly determined by the wedding budget. If the budget allows, imported and rare flowers such as lilies, orchids, peonies, and baby’s breath can be utilised in the décor as well as the centrepieces of the dining area. 

Liven it up with Lighting

Another crucial part of wedding venue decorating is good lighting. It has the ability to make modest places appear larger and more sumptuous. The lighting style and kind differs depending on the type of atmosphere one wants to create and the venue. 

Banquet Hall Designing

Chandeliers usually give a wedding location a sense of grandeur. In situations where drama is desired, ‘Uplighting’ must be used. If they wish to direct the attention of their guests to key things such as the stage, they might use spotlights. If a specific colour scheme is being followed, coloured light washes might be employed to enhance the subject. 

Beautify the Stage 

The stage is the focal point of the entire venue. It’s where the bride and groom are introduced to the guests and asked for their blessings. It’s usually very ornately furnished, with a lovely backdrop and one or two decorative seats.

When picking the stage décor, keep in mind that this will be the most photographed part of the entire venue. The colour palette as well as the wedding theme must be considered. Long, flowing draperies work best, with lights intermingled to provide a wonderful bokeh effect in the photos. 

Wedding Stage

The bride and groom are seated in a chair that resembles a throne, with luxurious velvet upholstery and gold accents. Chairs with a high back and special colours can also be used. A gorgeous wooden swing might be used in place of the settee. You can contact a trustable wedding stage manufacturer to get access to the best options available. 

Decorate the Mandap

The actual wedding, which includes the Varmala and the Pheras, takes place on the mandap.  So it must have correct seating arrangements for the bride, groom, pandit, and the bride’s parents. Mostly square or round,the mandap is also traditionally covered on top with four pillars supporting the overhanging canopy.

Traditional Vedi Mandap

You can experiment with the canopy’s material. Fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and satin can be used. Alternatively, a net constructed of marigold, jasmine, tuberose, or other exotic flowers can be used. The pillars, as well as the frame supporting the upper canopy, are usually adorned with flowers. Diyas and candles, as well as crystal and mirror work embellishments, can be used to add to the overall look. A Wedding Mandap Manufacturer can help you find the perfect canopy that perfectly matches the theme of your venue. 


Whatever theme you choose your client chooses for the wedding, there are many wedding decoration ideas to reflect your venue’s uniqueness. These small details, which are typically unique to the guests, can make for some of the most memorable moments of the day.

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