March 31, 2018

How to adorn wedding décor with decorative pillars?

Indian wedding décor has reached onto new levels with the rising trends of exquisite decorations. The setups that are done by experienced wedding decorators are creating news everywhere that inspires the couples to try them on their wedding. Everyone dreams of a beautiful wedding and décor is the key highlight that makes it so. With the introduction of new trends the most attractive one is the addition of decorative pillars in the décor, which are also referred as the wedding columns.

decorative wedding pillar

These are basically fiber pillars that add beauty to the wedding decorations. These wedding pillars are considered to be a versatile choice for adorning the venue. These columns can be easily modified to fit in with practically any theme or style. These are designed as per the theme, if the theme is traditional, then these pillars are designed with intricate detailing.  If the décor is modern then some contemporary designed pillars are added to the venue.

fiber wedding pillar

Because of their usage flexibility, these pillars can be used in all kinds of ceremonies as a decoration piece also. These pillars are mostly hollow that allows them to be moved from one location to the other, or in and out of photographs, with ease.

wedding pillar

Here are some of the kind of pillars that are used in wedding decoration.

fiber wedding pillar
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