December 17, 2021

Pro Tips for Arranging Furniture for Your Upcoming House Party

If you’re hosting a house party, rearranging your home party furniture is just as crucial as the food and decorations. The correct layout will encourage your guests to socialize without making them feel claustrophobic or uneasy. While reorganizing the room before the party may take a few hours, your efforts will help you make the most of the space you have.

You can easily arrange for your house party furniture with the help of Wedding Design Hub. You just have to follow these simple steps and tips to set up your furnishings for a house party:

1. Select from a wide variety of furniture from WDH

The first step is to decide what furniture you will need for the main setting of your party. It should be small but comfortable, and ideally just big enough to hold the amount of people who have been invited. It should, however, be compact and allow enough space to socialise. Smaller areas will offer your party an intimate feel if you’re simply inviting close pals.

2. Limit the number of people who sit at a table.

The importance of seating cannot be overstated. It’s wonderful to have a spot where people may unwind when they’re fatigued. However, not every visitor will wish to take a seat at the same time. In fact, cramming your party space with too many seats and couches can lead to overpopulation. Aim for adequate seats to accommodate 20 to 25% of your guests at any given time as a general rule of thumb. If you have 50 people in your home, you should provide 10 to 15 different seating alternatives.

If any of your visitors are left without a chair and would want one, Wedding Design Hub offers a range of folding chairs as a house party furniture on rent service. This will help your guests join a seated conversation and feel more at ease. If necessary, throw pillows can also be used as additional seats.

3. Get Rid of Unnecessary Furniture

While coffee tables, stools, and entertainment consoles are fantastic for personal usage, they might overcrowd a party space. Any furniture that isn’t required should be removed. Seating and side tables should be available, as guests will most likely require places to sit and place their drinks.

Our many creative and personal artefacts, such as sculptures, ornamental lamps, or tchotchkes, may also be left out. These are great conversation starters and may light up the room.

For the duration of your party, put your coffee tables and other non-essential furniture in another room. Unless you’re watching the big game or having a movie night, you might want to consider taking your TV out of the room or simply turning it off for the evening. Televisions are distracting and can prevent your guests from conversing.

4. Arrange furniture in a circle around the perimeter

Avoid putting any furniture in the room’s centre. This will provide plenty of room for your visitors to roam around and mingle. Instead, arrange your seating and other furniture around the perimeter, preferably in tiny clusters along the wall to encourage visitors to converse with one another.

You’ll also want to clear a path for pedestrians. Arrange your furniture so that it doesn’t block any doors, allowing your visitors to move from one end of the party area to the other without colliding with it. A decent path should be at least two people wide.

5. Encourage more seating

Sofas and chairs should be set with enough space for two to four persons in seating areas. The room will feel unbalanced if you cluster your seating in one spot. Turning all of your seats toward the centre of the room will also discourage small-group interactions. Consider dividing the room into quadrants and seating an equal number of people in each of the four regions. 

A good set of furniture plays an important role in spicing up an otherwise boring party. Many of the Wedding Design Hub’s  furniture is planned according to several party themes. You can customize your design as per the theme of the party. You can even get furniture for different parties like christmas party, family get together, graduation party, and kitty party furniture on rent

Allow your game room furniture to shine.
While your pool tables, dart boards, and foosball tables may be shuffled to make room for your guests, house parties are the ideal time to show off your sophisticated gaming furniture. It is at sofas, chairs, and tables that allows your guests to connect with each other more. Wedding Design Hub is an exclusive event furniture rental that has a wide range of event furniture that is suitable for all social occasions. Check out our collection here.

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