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While planning a wedding venue, it would be a great idea if you can include a very eye-catchy entry for the bride. Walking up to the vedi is a very old style and calls to be replaced by something creative. Hence, here is one of the best bride entry props for you to add on to the next wedding that you plan.This special bride entry prop is simple but very creative. It does not take up a lot of space in the venue but would definitely leave behind a good impression on the spectators. The setup includes a round structure with a chair in it for the bride to sit.However, what makes it important is the way it has been designed and portrayed. There are many long dummy candle-like lights surrounding the bride’s chair. So, if you look at it from far, it will appear as if the bride is sitting among candles. Plus, the crown at the top entices the overall appeal.This prop needs to be carried into the venue or to the vedi by two people with the handles provides at the sides.

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