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Wedding entry props have become immensely popular these days and people especially the young ones can’t imagine a ceremony without it. It adds an excitement to the event by presenting the bride and the groom with such an amaze. However, it takes a lot of planning to design such props that can win everyone’s eyes.We have seen many ideas for bridal entry concept, here is what you can plan for the groom. The entry prop has been designed with a three angular frame with the curved structure coming forward from both the sides. It provides a complete center for the groom and enough space to stand or move. The decoration is filled with flowers which looks adorable.This prop can be customized, if you want to add a seating arrangement for the groom, you can provide. On the top, you can also decorate with more lights, filling the dome-like covering. The background can be filled with any decor of your choice which you think might enhance the overall look.

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